Elixir "For Man". Designed especially for men's health. Boosts energy, stimulates the brain, helps to strengthen the muscles, strengthens bone tissue, and improves sexual performance and the movement of joints.

Ingredients: spinach leaves;  puncture vine; flower pollen; fenugreek; common flax seeds; carrots; fruits and seeds of star anise;  ginger roots extracts; juices of bilberry, quince, cherry and lingonberry; C vitamin; fructose; pectin.

Bindii (puncture vine) – promotes the maintenance of physical and mental health in a natural way, has a beneficial effect on muscle growth, sexual function and libido. Also used as a cleanser and toner. Great antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. It has been shown that this plant for men increases the amount of testosterone development, improves hormonal function, and eliminates infertility. Helps to accelerate physical development, promote cholesterol levels in the blood, prevent unnecessary accumulation of excess water in the body, increasing resistance.

Fenugreek – mostly increases peripheral blood circulation and maintains warmth. Heartburn treats joints, spinal cord, small blood vessels.

Pollen – stimulates the body's resistance to chronic and prolonged diseases, increases appetite, acts as antibiotics, restores physical strength and stimulates mental activity, increases haemoglobin in the blood, is effective in treating prostate, impotence, hypertension and other diseases, they have anti-scleral properties. In addition, it increases energy, muscle growth, strengthens immunity, and increases sexual desire.

Spinach – has beneficial effects on the circulatory system, the immune system, promotes tissue regeneration, fluid regulation, normalizes blood pressure, improves heart rate.

Flax seed – help to care for cardiovascular health, digestive tract activity and health, hormonal activity balancing, and healthy body weight control. Take care of breast health, bone health and optimal levels of cholesterol and sugar in the blood. Typically, attract free radicals, thus helping to protect against cancer. Regulates blood pressure, strengthens the immune system.

Carrot – an excellent tool for cardiovascular disease prevention. Antioxidants in the body help reduce the risk of malignant tumours, normalize liver, pancreas, kidneys, thyroid gland, improve vision, and help fight against viruses.

Anise – disinfectant, urinating, prevent spasm and promote digestive tract activity.

Ginger – strengthens immunity, is effective against cold symptoms, is used to treat bronchial asthma, reduces cholesterol in the blood, relieves muscle pain and joint pain, stimulates the thyroid gland, reduces arterial pressure, eliminates seizures during critical days and helps with most of the other faults and illnesses. Ginger is also an effective remedy for slimming. It can stimulate and accelerate metabolic processes as well as eliminate gastric toxins. Ginger helps stimulate blood circulation, improves sexual desire, eliminates nausea.

Bilberry juice – great for brain activity, improves memory, cures heart disease, improves vision, regulates the stomach outlet.

Quince juice – promotes digestion and improves metabolism. Greatly strengthens immunity, helps with respiratory diseases, delusions. Possesses a general, soothing, tangential, antiseptic effect. Reduces the risk of developing malnutrition.

Cherry juice improves sleep and body-day rhythm, possesses anti-oxidant properties. Ensures the development of cancer. Has anti-inflammatory effects, protects the heart and cardiovascular health. Cherries are a great tool for improving vision.

Lingonberries – help to reduce inflammation, replace antioxidants, replenish blood with red blood cells and increase liver enzymes.


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