Creative Syrup "Apple - Chili / Cayenne Pepper" with stevia. No refined sugar added.

Syrup for sweetening hot drinks and preparing refreshing drinks. Made from natural apple juice, with added extracts of fruit pectin, stevia, chili and cayenne pepper. Contains ~ 20% fructose.

It is a popular product for flavouring meat dishes, cocktails, desserts, pastry. Great product to improve health in general.

CHILI PEPPER – helps to prevent gastric ulcer, cardiovascular disease, and has pain-relieving effects. Fresh pepper destroys bacteria that are unfavourable to the stomach environment. This kind of pepper also helps to get rid of overweight and add extra energy to the body. The ancient Aztecs believed that chili pepper have been attributed to sex drive characteristics. When eating chili pepper, hormones that produce well-being and improve immunity are exaggerated. Chili could affect glucose in the blood and suppress the growth of fatty cells. Peppers also have anti-microbial effects in the intestinal tract and blood-viscosity-reducing properties. Chili pepper improves liver function and prevents cancer cells from growing. They have a strong antioxidant effect and chili pepper are stimulating blood circulation.

CAYENNE PEPPER – is capable to burn excess calories and reduce appetite. Promotes tissue regeneration, promotes weight loss, stimulates blood circulation and lowers high blood pressure. Promotes metabolism, fat burning.

APPLE - to be used in cases of cardiovascular and digestive system disorders, for the body to purify, strengthen.