Creative Syrup "Apple - Ginger" with stevia. No refined sugar added.

Syrup for sweetening hot drinks and preparing refreshing drinks. Made from natural apple juice, with added extracts of fruit pectin, stevia and ginger. Contains ~ 20% fructose.

It is a popular product for flavouring meat dishes, cocktails, desserts, pastry. Great product to improve health in general.

GINGER – strengthens immunity, is effective against cold symptoms, is used to treat bronchial asthma, reduces cholesterol in the blood, relieves muscle pain and joint pain, stimulates the thyroid gland, reduces arterial pressure, eliminates seizures during critical days and helps with most of the other faults and illnesses. Ginger is also an effective remedy for slimming. It can stimulate and accelerate metabolic processes as well as eliminate gastric toxins. Ginger helps stimulate blood circulation, improves sexual desire, eliminates nausea.

APPLE - to be used in cases of cardiovascular and digestive system disorders, for the body to purify, strengthen.


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