Elixir for immunity "Daily". This complex positively stimulates the immune system, discharges toxins from the body, strengthens the natural complex of vitamin dose, and provides protection from seasonal conditions all year long.

Ingredients: roots and leaves of celery; black elder flowers; roots and leaves of purple coneflower; rose hips; dill seeds; sand thorn berries; ginger roots extracts; juices of raspberry, black currant, cranberry and quince; C vitamin; fructose; pectin.

Dog rose – stabilizes the amount of adrenaline in the body, reduces the amount of cholesterol, promotes tissue renewal and helps with inflammation. A great tool for treating infectious diseases, kidney damage, strengthening your heart, nerves and immunity.

Elderberry – anthocyanins, that are found in black elderberry berries are the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidants, that work to protect the body's cells from potential free radical damage and stimulate the body's immune system. Stimulates the body's cleansing, reduces cholesterol, improves eyesight and heart health. Typical anti-inflammatory, sedative suppository-stimulating effects, as well as contributing to the removal of excess fluid from the body that stimulates body weight loss.

Echinacea – protects against respiratory, urinary tract infections, influenza and herpes viruses. Increases the body's defense capability as well as the number and activity of immune cells, including the number of cells struggling with tumors. It reduces inflammation in the joints.

Sand thorn – lowers the effects of antibiotics, radiation and various stress factors. Eliminates excitement by promoting and reducing tumor risk. It prevents cholesterol absorption, protects from liver dystrophy and helps in the fight against atherosclerosis. Helps to heal injuries and contains both fat and water-soluble antioxidants. Reduces inflammation, eliminates fatigue and strengthens heart rate. Helps to strengthen the immune system and blood vessels.

Celery – strengthens the cardiovascular system and prevents aging processes in the body. Possibly affects the endocrine system by normalizing metabolism, eliminates obesity, strengthens the body and removes toxins, prevents deposition of salts and improves blood circulation in muscles and joints, improves gastrointestinal activity. Prevents thrombus formation and improves blood composition. Celery has tonic effect, stimulates glandular activity, strengthens the nervous system.

Dills – improves gastrointestinal activity, prevents bloating and inflammation. Dill has a blood-pressure-lowering, blood-softening, calming effect. Dill recommends for tinnitus, inflammation of the respiratory tract, neurosis and insomnia.

Ginger strengthens immunity, is effective against cold symptoms, is used to treat bronchial asthma, reduces cholesterol in the blood, relieves muscle pain and joint pain, stimulates the thyroid gland, reduces arterial pressure, eliminates seizures during critical days and helps with most of the other faults and illnesses. Ginger is also an effective remedy for slimming. It can stimulate and accelerate metabolic processes as well as eliminate gastric toxins. Ginger helps stimulate blood circulation, improves sexual desire, eliminates nausea.

Raspberry juice – anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of gastritis and various stomach illnesses. Improves metabolism, promotes digestive tract activity.

Blackcurrant juice  – an excellent anti-inflammatory, metabolic-regulating, sweetening agent. Enhances immunity.

Cranberry juice – normalizes blood cholesterol, prevents skin-aging processes, normalizes high blood pressure, and helps the body in the fight against microbes. An effective remedy for urinary tract infections. Prevents the formation of malignant tumors.

Quince juice – promotes digestion and improves metabolism. Greatly strengthens immunity, helps with respiratory diseases, delusions. Possesses a general, soothing, tangential, antiseptic effect. Reduces the risk of developing malnutrition.